Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew- The Obama "Kid"eos

As election day draws inexorably near, I though I'd resurrect a couple of creepy kiddie indoctrination videos from Dear Leader's first campaign.  Just a little reminder of what sort of things we are dealing with.......

Remember this golden oldie from 2008??

Or maybe this one, not at all disquieting....


Or how about these little darlings for Obama, with their "Barack Hussein Obama, mmm  mmm  mmm" immortalized forever by Rush Limbaugh.....

Well folks they are at it again in 2012.  Here's the latest from "The Future Children Project".  The real project is trying to get through this video without throwing up a little in your mouth.  


  1. Imagine the level of hysteria if these videos were about W.