Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Can't wait to see this week's Presidential Debate.  CNN's chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will be moderating in her usual "even-handed" style.  You remember Candy Crowley right?  She's the one who called the Romney-Ryan ticket a "political death-wish" on her show.  I'm sure she'll be very fair.  Listen to Dennis Miller's comments on Crowley here.
  • Is anyone else a wee bit weary of the Obama's incessant whining about obstructionist Republicans?  Joe Biden actually went so far during his debate with Paul Ryan as to say Republicans should "just get out of the way".  Someone please remind the Vice-President that his party had 2 years of complete control of the federal government to pass any half-baked statist pablum they wanted.  In my view, Republicans blocking the current version of the Democrat Party from advancing their agenda is national service of the highest order.  
  • The only thing on Sunday that was plummeting faster than Felix Baumgartner was Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's reputation.  Unfortunately for fans of the Crew's hometown team, Pioli didn't have a parachute, and the Chiefs augured into the dirt of Raymond James Stadium in a 38-10 beat down at the hands of the lowly Buccaneers.  Chiefs....I wash my hands of thee!
  • Former Senator Arlen Specter died yesterday at the age of 82.  The Republican turned Democrat who brought you the "single-bullet" theory as a member of the Warren Commission in the '60s, helped deny Robert Bork a seat on the US Supreme Court, and was one of only 3 Republicans in Congress to vote for the Obama stimulus bill lost his battle with lymphoma.  I'm sure his family and friends will miss him.  
  • Looks like Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is in the crosshairs of the FBI (whoops, is that racist or hatemonging of me??).  The Feds are investigating Jesse Jr. for using campaign money to decorate his home.  Yep, sounds about right.
The Enema Bandit
  • In related news, Ronald Eugene Robinson of Florida is this week's nominee for worst human in the history of the species.  Robinson has been charged with consumer product tampering after returning more than a dozen home enema kits to a CVS store in Jacksonville.  The bad news?....he tampered with them by USING them before repackaging and returning the kits.  The really bad news?    the CVS store RESOLD them to other customers!  I wonder how that is going to work out for Ronald on Cellblock D when the fellas get together to compare crimes.  

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  1. Actually-I believe Mr Specter should be described as Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat!!! Benedict Arlen was a democrat until it became necessary to run as a republican in the 60's!! The democrats didn't want him then either!!!

    Mrs C