Friday, September 24, 2021

For several weeks now we have been told that many thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians, have been gathering at a bridge in Del Rio, TX. This appears to be true. It is also true that it is about 2,000 miles from Haiti to Del Rio, TX and as you can see below almost all of that distance is over the ocean.
So since we here at SACSTW are intellectually curious, let's ask a few questions...
1) Traveling 2000 miles over the ocean requires significant resources. Did those Haitian migrants use their own resources to make that trip?
2) If they did, does that mean that their socio-economic status in Haiti was not as dire as some would like us to believe?
3) If they did not use their own resources, whose resources did they use?
4) Some believe that "white America" is full of "selfish, hateful people". If that is true, why are thousands of non-white Haitians traveling 2000 miles to camp under a bridge in the hope of gaining access to it?
5) If you believe that white America is full of selfish, hateful people, then why aren't you doing everything you can to discourage non-white Haitians from coming to it? Why aren't you down on the border with a megaphone, imploring those non-whites to turn back before they get swallowed up by a seething cauldron of white hatred?

Feel free to answer in the comments...