Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Conservatives Hate Food Stamps: Meet Amanda Clayton

Parasite of the Year!  Amanda Clayton
People wonder why we heartless conservatives hate food stamps and other public assistance programs.  Yes, we hate poor people, non-white people, non-American people, non-heterosexual people, women, children, baby seals, trees, and the planet in general.  Conservatives (males and females) take great pleasure in polluting the earth, clubbing baby seals, starving children, and keeping all non-white, non-rich, non-Anglo-Saxon, non-American, non-heterosexual, non-males subservient to white, rich, Anglo-Saxon, American, heterosexual, males.

But these are not the reasons we hate government assistance programs... Parasite of the Year, Amanda Clayton, is why we hate government assistance programs.  Ms. Clayton is 24 years old, unemployed, and lives in an small home in Lincoln Park, Michigan.  Ms. Clayton is on food stamps.  You might think, "Gee, this is exactly the kind of person who needs a helping hand.  She deserves tax-payer funded food stamps."

What you may not know, is that Ms. Clayton won $1,000,000 in the Michigan state lottery last fall.  Unfortunately, poor Ms. Clayton did not actually receive $1,000,000.  After taking a lump sum and paying taxes, she received the pittance of a little over $500,000.  For you KCMO public school attendees, that is $100,000 a year for the next five years.  Tax free.  Despite her windfall, Ms. Clayton continues to receive (and use) $200 a month in food stamps.

When asked if she felt she deserved and it was right to continue to receive food stamps, this was her reply:
“I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she said. “I have two houses.”
You can view the news story of her plight in the video below:

I am a realist.  I understand that any government assistance program, no matter how well run, will have fraud and abuse.  Although I believe that everything that can be done to limit these things should be done, I am willing to except some degree of  fraud and abuse in the interest of helping people who truly need it.

What infuriates me is that this woman truly believes she "deserves" food stamp assistance because she doesn't have a job.  Sadly, she is not really to blame for feeling this way.  The liberal establishment has brain-washed people into believing they "deserve" to have the government take care of their every need.  I mean poor Amanda has bills, two houses, and no job.  It's her right as an American that the government takes care of her.  It's not her fault that she happens to have $500,000 in the bank.  The money comes from the government, right?  It's not like it comes from people with children, bills, ONE house, and jobs. What do heartless conservatives expect her to do?  Get a job?

Conservatives are continually accused of trying to keep the less fortunate repressed.  When in actuality, what better way is there to keep them down than to convince them that their existence is completely dependent on the largess of those in power?

Until parents (I've given up on the public school systems) start imbuing their children with a work ethic and sense of personal responsibility, we will see more and more people like the parasitic Ms. Clayton.  And stories like this will continue to push my blood pressure to the point where my brain is likely to explode.

I implore you parents to teach your children that no one "owes" them anything except the opportunity to work hard and accomplish great things in their lives.  I really don't want my brain to explode.  Mrs. Sahib will make me clean it up.

Editor's note:  Our good friend Carma pointed out that my satirical and hyperbolic statements about conservatives might be misconstrued by any liberals reading this post.  I was illustrating the way conservatives are portrayed by the left.  For any lefties reading this, you can look up satirical and hyperbolic at: 


  1. Three things have been brewing for the last 150 years, give or take, and are coming together in a perfect storm.

    1. The quality of education in this country has declined to the point that graduating high school frequently does *not* mean the individual is literate, either with English or with numbers, let alone well-versed in the lessons of history and civics required to make a well-rounded, contributing citizen.
    2. The contemporary church, like the Israelites in Canaan, has had a hard time sticking to pure teaching and pure worship, instead grabbing 'hold of the culture as a means to "save."
    3. The advance of postmodernism (moral relativism, Hegelian dialectical thought, "narrative" over truth/falsehood, experience over knowledge) means truth as an external, eternal fact is no longer an authority.

    Put all that in a stewpot and stir, bake 10 minutes, and out pops an Amanda Clayton.

  2. Good article! However, I'm not sure that some people will get your tongue-in-check comment: "Yes, we hate poor people, non-white people, non-American people, non-heterosexual people, women, children, baby seals, trees, and the planet in general. ETC....."


  3. Rabbit, You are too smart for me! But I do have one question. Should you really bake a stewpot? :) Seriously, great insight. I agree whole-heartedly. (Even if it is a cold, racist, evil heart)

    Good Point Carma! Liberals are notoriously dense when it comes to satire and irony, and one or two of them might read the post. Will add a footnote.

    1. It may not work for the Libs as Rabbit pointed out, but it makes me feel better, so, for that, I thank you. ;)

  4. Believe me, my brain contains vast swaths of dimness. Reference the "bake a stewpot" thing - obviously didn't think through that metaphor too well. :D

    The stewpot is the 150 years of all of liberalism's effects - in education, religion, and philosophy - slowly simmering. The "bake 10 minutes" thing was intended to refer to the fact that so many people today think they can read a couple of Google-searched articles on the Intrawebz and then speak with great authority.

    As for explaining satire to them - don't waste the keystrokes. Once again, you won't "catch" a liberal by correcting their interpretation. They don't have a "right versus wrong" barometer, they have a "suit the narrative" barometer.

  5. The genius of SACSTW and its readers on full display today! Nowhere else in Al Gore's internet can you find a single discussion involving Hegelian dialectical thought, culinary technique, and clubbing baby seals! And they say we conservatives don't know how to have fun.

    I'm with Rabbit on not bothering to point out the satire and hyperbole. Reminds me of a few years ago when a bunch of the top pro golfers were complaining about the difficult course conditions at the U.S. Open. They said it was an embarrassment to the "world's greatest golfers". The head of the USGA replied..." we are not trying to embarass the world's greatest golfers, we are trying to identify them". Good satire helps identify the brain-dead and ideologically perverse amongst the libs. Although I do appreciate the way Sahib pointed out his satire with a sharp left jab!

  6. Another chilling thought has ocurred to me about Ms. Clayton. She may be casting a vote for POTUS in November.

  7. We need to make sure Miss Clayton has "access" to birth control!!! And provide it if necessary!!!

    Mrs. C

  8. Surely Sahib and Crew have figured out that Ms. Clayton is representative of much (not all) of her generation. In a generation or less, we will be outnumbered. We probably already are outnumbered, just more motivated to show up and vote.

  9. Doing my best to raise heartless, conservative, running-dog capitalists.

  10. There are a few of us doing so. Not enough, though.

  11. Although Ms. Clayton is a shining example of selfishness, I think most of the rampant fraud in Food Stamps comes from people trading them for cash to buy drugs.

  12. Not sure this is a case of selfishness on the part of Ms. Clayton. Selfishness implies some degree of self-awareness. I believe this is something more insidious. The liberal propaganda machine has her programmed exactly the way they want. She truly believes she is owed government assistance regardless of her circumstances.

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