Thursday, March 22, 2012

Military History 101 With Professor Biden

Vice-President Biden (aka The Gift That Keeps Giving) was at a re-election campaign stop in New Jersey this week when he broke out this little gem about the raid on bin Laden's Pakistani compound.
 "You can go back 500 years.  You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain.  We never had more than a 48% probability that bin Laden was there."

Uhh, what?  Did our Vice-President really refer to the bin Laden raid as the most audacious military action in the last 500 years?  Before you libs scratch a Grand Canyon size furrow in your melon, let's define audacious...
from  extremely bold or daring, recklessly brave, fearles; Synonyms (that means words with the same meaning Professor Biden): courageous ,intrepid, dauntless, venturesome

I have no problem using any and all of those words to describe the men who carried out the raid on bin Laden, but to credit Dear Leader with the "most audacious plan of the last 500 years" is really a bit much, even for the human hyperbola Joe Biden.  Yeah yeah, I know.  Just look it up yourselves.  

The Crew would like to humbly offer a couple examples of "audacious" military actions of the past that Professor Biden might want to learn about....

  • June 6, 1944:  The invasion of Normandy involved landing 160,000 troops, and required the services of an additional 195,000 naval personnel and 5,000 vessels.  Oh yeah, it resulted in the freeing of a entire continent from Nazi (the real ones) tyranny.
  • Dec. 25, 1776:  General George Washington and his ragtag Continental Army cross the Delaware River under cover of night to surprise the Hessian troops at Trenton, New Jersey.  I understand that General Washington went on to have a nice career in politics, but according to Dear Leader he didn't make the top 4 Presidents of all time.'s the video.
SACSTW readers, here is the first quiz from Professor Biden's Military History 101 class:

Which of the great military leaders pictured below is the most bold, daring, brave, and fearless?


  1. It was the bad guys, but I'd say Pearl Harbor was pretty audacious.

  2. Besides the fact that HE didn't carry it out!! How scary was that? Sitting in an office.... waiting for the news....Knowing that if BL wasn't there NO ONE would have to know!!! The press would keep it to themselves because Dear Leader could NEVER be known as failing!!! THAT IS AUDACIOUS!!!
    What an idiot!! He's as DUMB as Bush!!! Maybe even dumber n Palin!!! lol
    Mrs C