Friday, March 2, 2012

Hollywood HOs: Kanye West

Hollywood HOs

Kanye West not only writes about hoes, he is one.  He is this week's Hollywood HOs winner.  Who can forget his kind and gracious treatment of that undeserving tramp, Taylor Swift?

"Gimme that!"
Well Kanye has been in the giving mood the last few years.  The Kanye West Foundation dolled out over one million dollars between 2009 and 2010.... to Kanye's buddies.  A whopping $583 went to some discernible charitable organization over that same period.  Well, you know the old saying... Charity begins with homies..

Show me the money! (said the IRS)
Mr. West, your humble, kind, and generous behavior has cemented my opinion of rap "artists" and rap as a "musical" genre.  As I tell Mrs. Sahib and Sahib Jr., it's not music!  It's chanting to a beat.  I'm still holding out hope for Sahib Jr. Jr.'s taste in music.

News of the Funny and Bizarre:
Stories and Pics on the web that made me cringe or laugh this week.  With all the crap going on in the world, I hope this lightens your load just a little.

Nancy Pelosi parking spot sign:

CNN founder Ted Turner 'spends one week each month with a different girlfriend'
I guess he ain't fonda Jane anymore...

Playboy, Virgin Galactic tout zero-grav nookie in spaaaaace!
Printed food served by frisky jetpack bunnies
A weekend getaway for Ted Turner?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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