Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grounding the Chevy Volt

Crewstradamus is at it again!  About a month ago, I asked in this space "isn't it time to pull the plug on the Volt?".  Looks like the powers that be at Obama Motors have come to the same conclusion.  In a statement released by the government, er company, GM has announced it is halting production of the Dolt and "temporarily" laying off 1300 workers.  At this time, production is scheduled to resume on April 24.  A GM spokesman said "...we are still seeking to align our production with demand".  With production now at zero, I'd say it is perfectly aligned with demand.

By the way, this week Barack Obama said he was looking forward to buying and driving a Volt "after he is no longer President".  Well Dear Leader, I have good news and bad news for you.  The bad news is it looks like you will have to buy a used Volt.  The good news is it will only be about a year old.

Finally tonight, I leave you with this.  SACSTW researchers have infiltrated GM's research and development lab where government scientists are hard at work on the company's green version of its classic Corvette. While we at SACSTW headquarters have lost contact with our agents, they were able to smuggle out this photo of the vehicle in development before presumably being captured by Obama's minions.
At least it has more luggage room than a Smart Car

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