Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama 2012 Campaign Not Ready For "Little" League

The organization was initially surprised and pleased to receive the large donation.  The 2012 season was going to be tough, and every dollar they received would help.  However, after some reflection and consideration by the directors of the organization, the money was returned to the donor.  The board of directors decided they couldn't take a donation from an entity that degraded and dehumanized women on a regular basis.

Takes money from Maher AND throws like a girl!
Bravo you say!  Finally the Obama 2012 SuperPac has reversed its hypocritical stance and returned the $1,000,000 donation it received from wretched misognynist Bill Maher.  Well, not exactly.  Dear Leader is keeping the money from the hate-filled Maher.

The organization I referred to is the Lennox (Ca) Little League.  The cash-starved league that serves 300 Los Angeles area youth baseball players recently returned a $1200 donation they received from a neighborhood strip club.  When word of their decision to return the strip club's money spread, the league was rewarded for its integrity by receiving an even bigger donation ($1600) from a local ambulance service.

It's nice to know that there are still groups out there for whom integrity comes before cash.  Sad that we can't count the 2012 Obama campaign among them.

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