Sunday, March 11, 2012

Minority Student Torched in KCMO: Alert Al Sharpton

Ministry of Truth
Bureau of Citizen Thought

Internal Memo #1458.478

Please be advised that the MOT-BCT is hereby activating Hate Crime Protocol A in the Kansas City division.  This activation is in response to the following incident on 28 February, 2012.  To wit:

A 13 year old minority student at Kansas City's East High School was burned by two older teens on his front porch.  According to police reports, the student was followed home by the older students, and accosted on the front porch of his home.  One of the attackers grabbed a gasoline can on the porch, splashing gasoline on the victim and the porch.  Saying "this is what you get, boy", the other attacker used a lighter to ingnite the gasoline, causing burns to the victim's face.  The two assailants then fled the scene.  

Due to the obvious hate crime implications of this case, Protocol A is now active.  The following measures will be initiated forthwith:
  • Local citizen agitator Alonzo Washington will go on Kansas City televison news, decrying the continued violence against minorities at East High School, and the lack of action on the part of the Kansas City Police Department.
  • As this hateful act occurred within the congressional district of Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, Representative Cleaver shall make an impassioned plea from the floor of the House to halt the violence.  Representative Cleaver will meet with the victim's parents, and hold a series of town hall meetings in his district to discuss the continuing problem of hate crimes in urban Kansas City.
  • The Kansas City Star will continue to cover this story on a daily basis, emphasizing the hate crime aspects.  The editorial page shall issue no less than 3 opinion columns calling for more federal spending to fight hate crimes, more tolerance for diversity, and an increase in funding for the Kansas City Public School District.
  • Kansas City Police Chief Daryl Forte will hold a press conference at which he will emotionally state how this case has affected him personally as a black man from Kansas City.  
  • The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri will announce her plans to prosecute the offenders under federal anti-hate crime statutes.
  • Weekly candlight vigils and outpourings of community support for the victim are mandated.


Ministry of Truth - Bureau of Citizen Thought
Internal Memo #1458.479


Please be advised that the MOT-BCT is immediately canceling Hate Crime Protocol A in the Kansas City Division.  Protocol A was initiated with IM #1458.478, this memo of cancellation supersedes all previous directives. Protocol A has been canceled due to the following new information received by the MOT-BCT:

  • The victim in the East High School attack is white.
  • The perpetrators in the East High School attack are black.
  • The complete quote (although not reported by the KC Star) from the attacker was "This is what you get, white boy".

Please note that the Ministry of Truth - Bureau of Journalist Oversight has been notified of the continuing coverage of this story at The American Thinker.  The MOT-BJO has been instructed to take corrective action against any writer who continues to explore not just this incident, but the shameful racist environment at Kansas City's East High School.  

Reminder:  We have always been at war with Eurasia!

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