Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veep Debate Vocabulary Primer

I know it's an unpopular train of thought with progressives, but words really do mean things.  Each and every day, the liberal statists try to corrupt our vocabulary, ramming their euphemisms down our throats in an attempt to disguise their contemptible strategies.  Expect that "dictionary distortion" to be on full display this evening during the Ryan-Biden debate.

Fear not SACSTW readers, here is a brief translation of socialist mumbo-jumbo into clear English for you to consult as you watch Joe Biden stagger his way through tonight's festivities.......

When Joe Says This              He Means This       

Revenue                                                   Taxes  (syn. your money)

Investment                                               Federal Spending (syn. your money)

Economic Stimulus                                 Federal Spending (syn. your money)

The Rich                                                  Middle-aged white businessmen  (syn. job creators)

Old Ideas                                                The founding principles of our country

Fundamentally Transform                          Destroy the founding principles of our country

Hope and Change                                       Destroy the founding principles of our country

Freedom of religion                                   Freedom from religion

Individual rights                                       What the federal government will allow you to do

Republicans                                            Demons (syn. baby starvers, old lady murderers)

Voters                                                  Unidentifiable humans who may or may not be legal citizens

Disenfranchised voters                            Unidentifiable humans who may or may not be dead

War on Women                                 Sandra Fluke should buy her own condoms

Enjoy the debate, it's always fun to watch Joe on live television!

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