Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama And Biden Sink To New Lows

Just another day around the Obama-Biden 2012 campaign.  Let's see what has happened this week.....
  • For starters, I present the latest Obama campaign ad.  The ad features 26 year old Lena Dunham comparing young voter's first vote for President to losing their virginity.  As in "you want it to be with the right guy....".  Wait, it gets better-   Before we watch the ad, let me give you some information on Lena from wikipedia.  Dunham's father is Carroll Dunham, a painter of what is described as "overtly sexualised pop art".  Her mother, Laurie Simmons, is a designer and photographer who creates "disquieting domestic tableaux" with dolls.  Ummm.....Ewwwwww!  See for yourself, fair warning...the "ick" factor is high with this one-  remember, Barack Obama approves this message.

  • So while Dear Leader has been trying to get it on with high school girls, let's check in with Joe Biden.  Tyrone Woods was one of the Americans killed in the attack on the Benghazi consulate.  His father described meeting with Joe Biden upon the return of his son's body thusly.....

Vice-President Joe Biden-  keeping it classy as usual!

Let me ask a simple there anything in these 2 videos that make you think Obama-Biden is the answer for what ails this country?   Let's talk about it on Facebook.......


  1. I just had to know what constitutes "disquieting domestic tableaux" with dolls. That really explains it pretty well. Her most recent work is titled "The Love Doll Days". Here's a link to some of her work:

  2. Excellent! The one with the "Love Doll" astride her poodle is particularly lovely.