Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Goes Obama, Down Goes Obama!

Overhead view of the debate stage as Jim Lehrer checks on the President

I've seen a lot of beatdowns in my life.  I saw Mike Tyson bludgeon Michael Spinks into dreamland in the first round in 1988.  I saw Jordan hit that jumper over Craig Ehlo,  I saw the 49ers manhandle the Broncos 55-10 in Super Bowl XXIV.  Now I have to add Romney-Obama I to my list of the all-time greatest routs.  Dennis Miller had the best line of the night when he said "Obama better hope a kicked ass is covered under Obamacare".

Romney came out from the get go loaded with facts, truth, and the courage to face down the President of the United States.  After striding out onto the stage with his usual supercool demeanor, President Obama's body language changed to that of a Labrador puppy who tore up the furniture while his owner was at work once Romney started to work him over.  Guess what Barry, the owners are home, and we're pissed about the mess you have made of our house!  Bad President!  Bad President!

Even with moderator Jim Lehrer holding his hand through some of the tough spots, the President looked like that debate stage was the LAST place in the world he wanted to be.  Well maybe, the second to last place.  If you think that Mitt was tough on Obama during the debate, how do you think Weezy treated him during the flight home?

The one recurring theme of Mr. Obama's presentation was that profits are bad.  He demonized profit making in the oil industry, banking, Wall Street, healthcare, you name it.  Romney was having none of it.  My favorite moment came when he made a not very subtle suggestion that Lehrer update his resume because federal funding of PBS is going away very soon!

Romney was sincere, with just the right amount of gravitas and personality.  Obama was a sulking teenager who realizes the game is up.  Several pundits are wondering based on his performance whether Obama really wants to serve another term in office.  I think there may be some truth behind that theory.  Maybe Dear Leader is looking forward to the $50,000 a pop lecture circuit that is awaiting him.

I really only have one regret from last night.   Where was this Mitt Romney in 2008?  This Mitt Romney would have mopped the floor with Senator Granddad in the primaries, and made the name Barack Obama a footnote in the history textbooks.  Maybe this Mitt Romney could have saved our country a lot of the pain and suffering of the last four years.  Better late than never.

Now in case you think I'm just crowing about my guy's performance from an ideological standpoint, I'll leave you with what Chris "the Tingle is Gone" Matthews had to say.....

Late Breaking Update!   Al Gore explains President's poor performance.....must watch!

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