Friday, January 20, 2012

Pakistani Elmo, Funny Hats, Mush-brained Kids, and Defecation: Who could ask for more?

Wow!  What a fun five months it has been!  When The Crew and I started Sahib and Crew Save the World (SACSTW), we really had no defined expectations other than sharing ridiculous things going on in the world and making each other laugh.  We really hope you have enjoyed reading our posts and that we have made you laugh too.  If you accidentally learned something, we are sorry.  It wasn’t intentional.

This week has included a few milestones for us.  We topped 6000 views on our blog, published our 100th blog post, went over 300 followers on Twitter, sent more than 5000 tweets, and created a SACSTW Facebook page.  Modest accomplishments for many, but we are proud of them.  More importantly, we have infiltrated Karl Rove’s secret lair, built a time machine, and assembled a team of 100s of imaginary reporters, photographers, scientists, and confidential informants.  So in honor of our myriad accomplishments, we thought we would give you a blast from the past of our favorite posts.

The Crew favorites:

Sahib post ~ Raising a Nation of Mush-brained Wusses – This is one of my favorites as well.  It was remembering more than writing.

Crew post ~ Joint News Release- Ministries of Funny Hats and Indeterminate Spelling – I think Princess B had to be the big winner in that contest

Sahib favorites:

The Crew post ~ Jihad Me Elmo – Our new ambassador to Pakistan…

Sahib post ~ Ich Bin Ein Defecator: New Rally Cries for the Occupy “Movement” – I got to quote (sort of) JFK and Blazing Saddles, and make fun of Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, spoiled rich girls, and moonbat lefty protestors.  I slept the sleep of the righteous that night.

We hope you enjoy our trip down memory-lane.  Feel free to dig through our archives, there’s lots of good stuff you might have missed.  Make sure to click on the Facebook "Like" button to add our Facebook page to your profile, if Facebook is your thing.


  1. Congratulations is in order for "Sahiband Crew" They have been risking their Lives, and Liberties behind enemy lines to bring TWITTERVERSE "Real News". CONGRATULATIONS!!!!