Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

From time to time we here at SACSTW like to look beyond governmental follies and secular progressive inanity to engage in serious, thought-provoking analysis and commentary.  This is not one of those times.
  • From the "how did I miss this last week" department.....Another law that took effect January 1 in Illinois allows holders of a valid trapping permit to collect furbearers killed on Illinois roadways for their pelts and even for food.  Asphalt trappers are urged to wear protective gloves and glasses to avoid exposure to "fluids" that may be harmful.  The recently departed along the highways and byways of Illinois can also be kept for food, although Bob Bluett with the Illinios Department of Natural Resources says "it depends on what shape it's in and how long it's been there".  Note to reader- decline any and all dinner party invitations from Mr. Bluett.  Read more about this story here.
  • Alan Colmes is a vile and digusting human being.  During a Fox News Channel appearance last week, the execrable Colmes ridiculed Rick Santorum for the manner in which his family dealt with the death of a new-born child.  Take a look at this video.  Note around the 1:48 mark where Colmes denies "mocking" the death of a child, and starts to say what he was really mocking....then corrects himself.  Kudos to Rich Lowry from The National Review for pinning Colmes's miserable hide to the door.  

After his comments generated much well-deserved criticism, Colmes issued an "apology" to Santorum for his hurtful words.  Translated from liberal-ese..."I'm sorry I let my guard down and revealed my true despicable nature on national TV".  
  • Quick, look through your bookshelves and coffee tables at home to make sure you don't have any overdue books from the Charlton, Mass. Public Library.  Evidently in Charlton the local police call on 5 year old library patrons with overdue materials at their home and threaten them with arrest.   
  • A 2006 law banning men from working in women's clothing/lingerie shops in Saudi Arabia is finally going to be enforced.  Boycotts from women reluctant to buy their intimate apparel from male employees have pressured the government to begin enforcing the law.  The leading retailer of women's clothing in Saudi Arabia, Gunnysacks "R" Us, has made no public comment.

  • An Australian tourist visiting Zimbabwe had an interesting bungee jump from the Victoria Falls bridge recently.  Erin Langworthy, 22, leaped off the bridge and plummeted toward the waters of the Zambezi River.  Her bungee cord snapped, and she was sent hurtling into the crocodile-infested river with her feet still tied together.  Miraculously she survived the fall, and was able to swim to shore safely.  Now folks, the Crew recommends against bungee jumping under almost any circumstances, but particularly when the waters below look like this....

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