Wednesday, January 4, 2012

King, Mandela, Gandhi, and Barkin

Add another name to the pantheon of civil rights leaders!  Martin, Nelson, Mahatma, move over, there is a new civil rights sheriff in town and she isn't taking any crap!  Yes dear readers, Ms. Ellen Moonbat Barkin now exists in the rarefied heights of civil rights greats of the past.

Drudging up memories of Tiananmen Square, Kent State, and Selma, Ms. Barkin and her 26 year old grandson.... errrr... boyfriend were horribly accosted New Years morning by the nefarious and vermicious NYPD.  She was attempting to "help" a young woman who was in the process of being arrested by said nefarious and vermicious NYPD officers.  Of course, Ms. Barkin is completely qualified to evaluate the validity of the arrest due to her role as an attorney with the district attorney's task-force on police corruption in the movie, "The Big Easy".  In the process of offering her assistance to the young woman, Ms. Barkin was brutally "shoved with both hands" and "threatened" by a maniacal officer of the NYPD.

Fortunately, Ms. Barkin's grandson... errr... boyfriend caught all this on video which he so thoughtfully posted online.  PLEASE BE ADVISED.... You are about to witness violence of so graphic a nature that it is almost certain to emotionally scar anyone who watches.  Please do not let the elderly, children, or those with heart conditions watch!

Please give me a second to compose myself... Thanks, all better now.  The last time I saw such violently aggressive behavior was the last time I saw a boy scout escort a little old lady across the street.  Oh the humanity!

Of course, Ms. Barkin handled the encounter with her usual elegance, grace, and decorum... She can be heard on the video counselling the wayward young officer, "Get your mother-f***ing hands off of me!"   She later followed this up on Twitter with an even more gracious, "F--k all of u, Bloomberg, & every1 goosestepping behind u!"

Thank you Ms. Barkin for fighting the good fight against evil and tyranny!  You remind us of what the power of love, compassion, and understanding can do to change the world for the better.  I for one will sleep better tonight knowing that you are on the job.


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  2. Anybody remember when Ellen was hot? Yeah, me neither.

  3. Sorry BCF, that was a little snarky. :)
    I must admit Ellen did look fetching in Sea of Love!

  4. She looked pretty good in The Big Easy too. It's sad when such a nice container holds so much crazy... :(