Friday, January 6, 2012

Hollywood HOs Weekly Winner: Ellen Barkin

Hollywood Hall of Shame ( Hollywood HOs)

The new year brings a new weekly feature to SACSTW.  Welcome to the the inaugural Sahib and Crew Save the World Hollywood Hall of Shame award, or Hollywood HOs for short.  Our inaugural winner should come as no surprise to regular SACSTW readers.  She was the topic of Wednesday's blog post.  Congratulations Ellen Barkin!  You are the very first member of our Hollywood HOs.

First SACSTW Hollywood HOs member Ellen Barkin

For those of you who missed her shenanigans, Ms. Barkin accused the fine officers of the NYPD of shoving and threatening her.  Her barely legal boy-toy recorded the exchange for posterity.  If senseless carnage and violence is your thing, check out the video below.

After the incident, Ms. Barkin obviously feeling remorse at her boorish behavior followed up with this conciliatory tweet, "F--k all of u, Bloomberg, & every1 goosestepping behind u!"  Since her colorful tweet, Ms. Barkin has wisely taken Thumper's mother's advice and has said little at all.

So Ms. Barkin, The Crew and I salute you as our first inductee into our Hollywood HOs!  You do Hollywood and your profession proud.

*Editors note:  There will be an end of year Hollywood HOs winner... Stay tuned!

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