Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make Mine an Eagle Salad Sandwich!

Pre-Ginsu Blade Wind Turbine Golden Eagle
Post-Ginsu Eagles

Wow!  The law of unintended liberal consequences strikes again.  Apparently, the killing of protected birds is okie dokie as long as it is in the pursuit of "green" energy.  Seems like red splattered energy to me.  Why haven't we seen Greenpeace protesters strapping themselves to turbine blades?  Oh, that's right!  Wind-power is one of the darlings of the left.  According to the People's Republic of California officials, one (that's uno for you bi-lingual education proponents) state-approved wind farm kills 4,700 birds yearly.  This includes 1,300 raptors of which approximately 70 are golden eagles.

But wait!  There's more!  According to a MSNBC article, the federal government is proposing a "first of its kind" permit to allow wind farm developers to legally kill golden eagles.  The screaming from lefty-bunny-huggers must be deafening.  Hmmmm, maybe I need to turn up my hearing-aid.  All I hear is crickets.

I know, devoted readers, that I should no longer be surprised by the hypocrisy of the left.  Anything is permissible to them as long as it forwards their agendas.  I just wonder about the outrage we would be experiencing if say, a nuclear reactor was zapping these regal creatures from the sky.  Aging actresses and Disney tween-queens would be hanging on the fences sobbing.

Far be it for your humble author to get all weepy about environmental issues.  I am a card-carrying member of PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) and have one apron that says "Kill It and Grill It" and another that says "Choke It and Smoke It".  I am for exploring all energy options that can make us less dependent on oil controlled by South American dictators and the mad mullahs of the gulf.  However; don't get all preachy with me about "saving Mother Nature" and conveniently ignore the environmental impact of your "green" initiatives.

Oh well, I guess I'll just pull on my baby-seal-skin boots and head out to the local reservoir to catch me a mess of fish for a nice snail-darter sandwich.  This time of year the bald eagles are thick out there.  I promise that I won't tell them their cousins are being julienned out on the left-coast so Californians can feel good about being "green".


  1. Eagle salad is nice, particularly on pumpernickel. However, I have a recipe for spotted owl souffle that is simply to die for!

  2. I've heard manatee sushi is wonderful too!

  3. Those eagles really should be a lot more careful.

    Hey, wouldn't a *consistent* liberal apply Darwinism here? Endangered species are endangered because they (apparently) aren't the fittest to survive. If you are too stupid to avoid flying your endangered butt into 20 or 30 feet of spinning turbine blade, well, that's just natural selection doing its job.

  4. They are sacrificing themselves for the "greater good" of Gaia! *sniff* It's beautiful, really...

  5. It's very symbolic and illustrative at the same time. It's good that you found it.