Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Why did the University of Kansas hire the transgender child of Sonny and Cher to coach their football team?  What, was Renee Richards unavailable?

  • Newt, I'm trying really hard to support you in the GOP primary.  I love your knowledge of history, your ability to pick apart the foibles and fallacies of the Obama administration, and your ability to rise from the electoral dead.  What I don't love is when you criticize Mitt Romney on his wealth, his Swiss/Cayman Island bank accounts, his tax returns, blah blah blah.  That is a page right out of the "Class Warfare" chapter of the secular progressive handbook.  Very unbecoming for one who purports to be the "conservative" candidate in the GOP field.  You can be better than that.
Hmmm, daughter working the pole at age 16... nice work Billy Ray

  • Continuing the theme, supermodel Cindy Crawford's daughter made her modeling debut for Versace this week, appearing in an ad for Young Versace, a clothing line aimed at children 12 and under and pedophiles.  Here is Kaia Crawford in the ad:
Now Crew, you are saying.... the leather jacket, miniskirt, and loads of makeup are all a bit much for a teenage girl, but it's nothing obscene.  Well, technically you are right.  Oh, did I mention that Kaia Crawford is TEN years old?  Consider Mama Cindy up for a Hollywood HOs as well.

  • I (Sahib) needed to make an addition to the Crew's Monday Musings.  We just couldn't leave this story out.  A young man, 6, in California was suspended and charged with sexual assault for playing tag.  Check out the Fox News video.  A seventeen year old  snowball thrower is in trouble as well. I guess snowballs are now officially classified as missiles.

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