Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best and Brightest of the Democrat Party to Challenge Obama In New Hampshire Today!

Fear not New Hampshire Democrats!  You have an alternative to voting for Dear Leader in your primary today.  A challenge to Barack Hussein Obama has arisen from a wing of the Democratic Party that is significantly more grounded in reality than the Obama Administration.......Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Vermin Supreme!

So, I show this video to Sahib and he immediately asks...."what is Joe Biden doing running against Obama?"
While it is true that the Vice-President and Mr. Supreme have many philosophical similarities, they are not one and the same.  I think.

Mr. Supreme has been running for President for quite some time now.  He garnered 149 votes in the 2004 Democratic Primary in Washington, DC.  He is running on the tried and true "Pony for all Americans" platform.  Not exactly "a chicken in every pot", but hey, it should appeal to 8 year old girls.  In addition, he would like to make kidney transplantation mandatory for all Americans.  Quite frankly, that sounds more palatable than the medical care Obama has planned for us!

Vote early....Vote often.....Vote Vermin!

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  1. I am ALL for Zombie energy!!! What a great singer!! If I was forced to vote in that primary-Mr Supreme would get my support!!