Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Let's get my nomination for this week's Hollywood HoS in first......The usually level-headed and erudite Cher has gone on quite a Twitter rant the last few days.  Calling out Mitt Romney as a "spineless racist", a "cretin", and referring to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman as " T-baggies", Cher is yet another example of the remarkable tolerance of the left.  Read the whole sordid mess here at  I'd cut and paste into this space for you, but it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.  

Wieber after failing to qualify
  • You'd think the Olympics would be the last bastion of achievement, the last place we'd have to worry about the namby-pamby fairness police.  You'd be wrong.  In a stunning miscarriage of justice, USA gymnast Jordyn Wieber will not compete in the women's all-around final.  Why?  Because the American team is too good.  A new Olympic rule states that no more than 2 gymnasts from each country can compete in the all-around final.  Wieber, the reigning all-around world champion, qualified third in the point standings yesterday.  However, because Americans Aly Reisman and Gabbie Douglas finsihed 1 and 2, Wieber did not make the all-around final.  That event is supposed to be a competition between the top 24 gymnasts in the Olympics, but 22 of those who compete will have finished behind Wieber in qualifying.  Pathetic.  
  • NYC Michael "Big Gulp" Bloomberg has his beady little eyes set on baby formula now.  In a bizarre example of true "cradle to grave" governmental interventionism, Bloomberg has decreed that baby formula will be kept under lock and key in hospitals, and not offered to new mothers without some sort of brow-beating by a governmental lackey.  Everybody knows breast-feeding is ideal for new moms and babies, but hey, what about that girl in high school who was so skimpy up top you couldn't even get a real.....but I digress.  The good news is that Sahib will have a detailed analysis of Mad Mike's latest bit of idiocy later today, stay tuned!
  • I bet you are having more fun this summer than Wallace Weatherholt.  The 63 year old Florida man took a family out on his airboat for a tour on June 12th.  He dangled a fish in the water to attract an alligator (yeah, I know).  A 9 footer took the fish, and Wallace's hand.  To add insult to gruesome injury, Florida is charging Weatherholt with "unlawful feeding of an alligator".  We all would have been better off if Wallace had dangled Cher over the side of his boat.  Of course if he had, the state would probably be charging him with "unlawful poisoning of an alligator".  
  • Hi, this is Sahib.  I just had to add a blurb about the Obama Olympic kiss controversy. Apparently, the first couple were on the kiss camera at a pre-Olympic basketball game in Washington and the first lady rebuffed BHO.  This was what the White House had to say, "spokesman Josh Earnest says the couple didn't realize it was the "Kiss Cam" watching them.  He says they found this out after, when their daughters told them."  Of course, the second time when Moochelle knew the camera was on them, she was very receptive.
  • Question:  How do you tell if a girl in a bikini is from Texas?

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