Sunday, July 22, 2012

Second Amendment In Action

In stark contrast to the mass shooting of corporately disarmed moviegoers stands the case of Samuel Williams.

A week ago, two young men walked into an Ocala, FL internet cafe with felonious intent.  They were armed, one with a gun and the other with a bat.  They figured a bunch of internet cafe types would be easy pickings, what they didn't count on was 71 year old Samuel Williams.

Mr. Williams was lawfully carrying a concealed firearm, and acted quickly to save himself, his wife, and the other citizens from potential violence.  He drew his firearm, and immediately engaged the criminals.  Their response?  They ran like gutless cowards, literally falling over each other in a frantic attempt to flee their intended victim.  Watch for yourself.....

This is obviously a very different scenario than what happened in Aurora.  James Holmes was much more heavily armed, and a well-lit internet cafe is much easier to defend than a darkened theater.  Still, I can't help but wonder what James Holmes's response to armed resistance would have been.  Even with all his planning, his body armor, his weaponry, at his core I expect he is no different than the spineless thugs in this video.

Would lives have been saved if Samuel Williams had been sitting in the front row of that movie theater?  Maybe, maybe not.  Thanks to misguided corporate anti-gun policies, we will never know.


  1. *LOVE* me some Mr. Williams CCW footage. He did what needed to be done, and again I ask: why aren't more citizens carrying guns? How foolish are we to think the police, or (ha ha snort) a security guard will protect us?

    Minor beef with Mr. Williams, and I do mean minor because he DID stop the threat and save the lives of everyone in that room: don't keep shooting when the threat is out the door. In some jurisdictions, with DA's or statutes more sympathetic to the aggressor, that's overstepping the bounds of "averting the threat." Regardless: Mr. Williams, you are a HERO.

  2. I think Mr. Williams only mistake was not KILLING these thugs!! Now they will probably sue him and the internet cafe!!! He (Mr. W) is my hero of the week!!!

    Mrs. C