Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rep. Cleaver- Criticizing Obamacare is racism!

My old buddy (and congressman) Emanuel Cleaver is at it again.  His comments after Mitt Romney's appearance at this week's NAACP convention would suggest that the good Reverend believes any criticism of Barack Obama is racism, particularly when said in front of a group such as the NAACP.

Yes, Romney was booed when he promised to repeal Obamacare.  Hey, I'm sure that didn't come as any great surprise to the GOP nominee.  What many mainstream media outlets aren't telling you is that the NAACP cheered Romney when he talked about the importance of issues like traditional marriage, jobs, and family.

I planned to use this space to go on a diatribe against the despical Emanuel Cleaver, until I found this video from a SACSTW favorite, Kira Davis.  On Feb. 29, we posted one of Kira's videos, and that has gone on to be the most-viewed post in SACSTW history.  Well, Kira has hit another home run with her response to Congressman Cleaver........

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