Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

Folks, I tell ya, some days this blog just writes itself.  Shall we begin?

Tryouts at Saudi Olympic Headquarters
  • Saudi Arabia has announced they will be sending 2 female athletes to the Summer Olympics for the first time in the history of the Kingdom.  Initially they were to compete in beach volleyball, but they kept tripping over their burkas when trying to serve the ball.  The Saudi Olympic Committee has decided the women will be entered in this year's newest Olympic sport.....stoning.  
  • Music fans in London's Hyde Park area were more than a little miffed when local authorities pulled the plug on a recent concert during the encore.  The reason....the show had run longer than the 3 hours the city council had alotted to it.  So, off with the sound.  That's what nanny state governmental intrusion has in store for this country!  Heck, it really wasn't that big of deal.  I mean, it was only a concert by a couple of no-name hacks...... Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney.  The cozy little crowd of 76,000 was not amused. 

Why, she could be Mary Poppins!

  • Charlie Sheen just can't get a break.  All he wanted to do was hire Lucy Treadway to be a nanny for his kids, when the ex-wife Brooke Mueller nixed the idea.  Why?  The erstwhile governess was "too hot".  Come on Brooke, one look at Lucy's picture and you can see she just exudes responsibility and integrity, and poses no risk to anyone's vows.  In fact, I have contacted Lucy about caring for my two boys.  Being 16 and 20 years old, they are quite enthusiastic about the prospects of Lucy joining the Crew's household!
  • Finally there's this.  The Voter Participation Center is a group that targets likely Democrats who are unregistered.  The VPC then sends out a voter registration packet to them.  According to, recipients of the packets include Rosie Charlston, a Labrador Retriever who died in 1998, Scampers the cat from Virginia, a deceased dog named Mozart, as well as actual human beings who are no longer above ground.  Page Gardner, president of the VPC, published a statement in response to the report at the group's website,  Ms. Gardner's statement is the funniest thing I have read in a LONG time (SACSTW posts excluded of course)!  The heartfelt earnestness tinged with liberal indignation meant I could not get past the first paragraph without bursting into maniacal laughter.   Try it yourself......
The mission of the Voter  Participation Center is to register qualified voters- NOT (emphasis hers) dogs and cats.  Pets cannot submit voter registration applications and they cannot vote- which seems to be news to some people, given all the attention some small number of pets receiving a voter registration application has received.  
The story isn't that dogs vote- something that cannot happen- it's about the people who cannot.

Hey look, this is actually great news.  Now we can put an end to the controversy over voter ID legislation, and everybody just use your rabies tag!

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