Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Naked Archer Subdued By Kansas City Police!"

When I saw that headline on the Kansas City Star's website last week, my first thought was hey, I didn't know Sahib was in town!  Of course then I remembered that when Sahib cavorts unclothed with medieval weapons, he generally prefers the scimitar.  

So it seems this naked guy was roaming around a KC neighborhood carrying a bow and arrows.  Police arrived on the scene and observed the would be Robin Hood (actually, I'm not sure about that hood part...) "tossing food to imaginary animals", and then entering a house.  The man fired an arrow out the window of the house towards the officers, who immediately called in the tactical support pictured here.....

After an hour or so the man came outside, at which point he was summarily speared (Tasered actually) and taken into custody.  I have talked a lot about evil and its presence within our society over the last few days.  Evil is certainly out there folks, but so is crazy.  Be careful.  


  1. My preference used to be a flail (which many people mistakenly call a morningstar). But after a few unfortunate incidents involving a spiked ball, long chain, and unclad parts of the body, I decided that the scimitar was the wiser choice.

  2. I really miss those halcyon days of our youth... you with your flail, me with my halberd, saving maidens and slaying dragons every Friday night upon the green felt-like field of battle. Sniff, sniff.

  3. Yes, it has been many a fortnight since the Grey Slayer and Squab Killer have been unsheathed for battle. Though I was able to cut quite a swath of mayhem a couple of weeks ago with the inferior local weaponry.