Friday, July 27, 2012

No Surprise! Hollywood HOs Winner Kristen Stewart

Hollywood HOs
Kristen Stewart has taken top billing in two categories recently, unseating the same woman for both.  She is now the highest paid actress in Hollywood and the most famous home-wrecker.  Titles she wrestled away from Angelina Jolie.  

Of course, when Angelina stole Brad from Jen she wasn't co-starring in a movie with her, and Brad and Jen didn't have two small children, but these are minor details.  I'm sure as she matures, Ms. Stewart will chose the families she seeks to destroy with greater consideration. 

The SACSTW  staff psychologist says that recent studies show the chemicals present in the brain at the start of a new relationship interfere with the critical thinking process and the making of rational decisions, or "people lose their minds".  Not that it ever seemed that Ms. Stewart had much of a mind to lose.  

What I really want to see is Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt all star in the same movie.  People magazine editors would die from euphoria.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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