Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

Yep, it's true.  I'm back from  vacation with a few brand new musings for ya!

  • In his latest attempt to treat all Americans equally and avoid any semblance of class warfare, President Obama today will propose raising income taxes on everyone who makes more than 250K a year.  After all, the "rich" need to pay their fair share.  So.....we once again arrive at the great unanswered question of our time.....Exactly what percentage of their income is "their fare share"?  So far, no one in Dear Leader's regime has let slip the obvious answer (100%), but I bet if we get a couple snorts into Joe Biden he will spill the beans.  
  • Sandra Fluke and the rest of her liberal cronies who accused conservatives of waging "war" on women might want to go here and watch this video.  Nice little piece from CNN about an Afghani woman being publicly executed amidst a cheering crowd of Taliban men. The religion of peace claims another victim.  
  • Lynaa Dobbins celebrated her son's birthday party at a Pennsylvania Chuck E. Cheese in real style over the weekend.  She attacked the new girlfriend of her son's father with a knife and a brick.  Some bystanders may have reported hearing her scream "the giant rat, can't anyone else see the giant rat?".  The woman who was cut with the knife was actually thankful for the incident, as it let her "get out of there without having to eat any pizza".  

  • Finally, there is the really big news of the weekend.....Barney Frank got married!  In a lovely ceremony officiated by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Rep. Frank married his long-time sweetie James Ready.  I went through all my mail several times, but couldn't find my invitation.  I was out of town anyway, but I wish the mailman hadn't lost it as it would have made a lovely keepsake.  Here's to a lifetime of happiness for the lovely couple, not that there's anything wrong with that.  I give it 16 months on the outside.  

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