Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Time, He Has Gone Too Far!

Dear President Obama,

 Now you have gone too far.  For you to demean and belittle the hard work and effort it takes to run a successful business is unforgivable.  When you said "somebody else made that happen", we all know that you meant "government made that happen".  In your twisted view of America, government represents the highest rung on the ladder of human achievement.  Individual resourcefulness, ingenuity, vision, and commitment mean nothing to you.  

Here is the truth.  Government is not what enables American citizens to maximize their potential and productivity.  It is what hampers us the most.  Government (particularly under your administration) encourages sloth, dependency, and lax moral standards. 

Government exists ONLY because of the immense productivity of American private business.  You know all those roads, bridges, and schools you crowed about allowing American businesses to prosper?  They were all paid for by confiscation of the fruits of our labors under the threat of imprisonment!  

In this, the greatest nation in the history of our planet, government exists ONLY with the consent of the governed.  You sir, no longer have my consent.  If you were a man of honor and integrity, you would immediately apologize for your comments, and beg forgiveness from we the people.  Alas, if you were a man of honor and integrity, you never would have made those comments in the first place.

For years now, I have heard conservatives describe you as "a good man, who just favors policies and ideas that are wrong for the country".  Hopefully your recent words will make the light bulb go off for these folks.  You and I both know that you are an evil man.  An evil man who hates the individual freedoms and responsibilities that Americans hold dear.  An evil man who wants to "fundamentally transform America".  You said so yourself.

The last chance for we the people to remove the scourge of your administration from our lives within the peaceful framework of our representative republic comes in 112 days.  I plan on doing everything I can to make that happen.


The Crew


  1. "This Time, He Has Gone Too Far!" Why does it feel like we are always saying this? It seems not a week goes by where I think "Obama really didn't say/do that did he?" Frighteningly, the answer is always YES.

  2. The absolute scariest part of that was the cheers that he got during that speech!! Can't we just move all the people who think he is god with him to New York and California and let THEM secede?
    Mrs C