Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

Fresh off a weekend of seclusion at the SACSTW Ozark hideaway, I have emerged to bring you yet another edition of Monday Musings.

  • From the "We Didn't Really Think This Through" Department:  Animal rights activists from Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) planned to document a South Carolina pigeon shoot by filming it from a remotely controlled micro helicopter.  Hmmm, harassing hunters with a small flying object.  When participants in the pigeon shoot heard about the plans, the event quickly morphed into a "micro-helicopter shoot".  Shortly after SHARK launched their drone, it was blasted out of the sky by numerous shotgun rounds.  By the way, is SHARK really the best acronym for a group concerned about treating animals with respect and kindness?

  • More fun animal news....   Remember the spotted owl?  It was the original darling of the enviro-animal rights-down with industry whack jobs back in the 80's.  The Obama administration has developed a new  plan to save the spotted killing all the other owls.  It seems that more aggressive barred owls are displacing their spotted cousins from their preferred environment.  The feds have decided to gun down barred owls over the next few years in another attempt to save the spotted owl.  It seems that (with apologies to Mr. Orwell) all owls are equal, but some owls are more equal than others.  
Spotted Owl Gooood
Barred Owl... Baaaaadddd

  • A quick report on the Crew's congressman, the odious Emanuel Cleaver.  The former Kansas City mayor turned U.S. Congressman (and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus by the way) is being sued by Bank of America for defaulting on a 1.5 million dollar loan on a carwash business in the Kansas City area.  Just another notch in Manny's long history of questionable financial dealings.  The kicker here is that you and I are on the hook for the bill.  The carwash loan has an SBA guarantee, meaning the US taxpayer will foot 75% of the bill.  Shockingly, the congressman has had no comment on the issue.

  • To continue the animal theme today (hey, I just spent the weekend out in the woods), have you heard that Alicia Silverstone is supplementing her fading movie career by opening a daycare operation in her home?  SACSTW has obtained video of lunchtime........

That's all the fun and frivolity for this morning....please remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Keep the comments coming!


  1. The SHARK story is *the* funniest thing I've read in weeks. Every gun person I know, myself included, would say, "to heck with the pigeons, I'm taking the kopter down!" It's kinda like being at the driving range when the guy drives the ball scooper-upper out there - nobody's going for distance anymore, they're just trying to hit the driver cage. :D

    And why, oh why, won't they stop messing with evolution? If "nature" "selected" the spotted owl to die out, just let the spotted owl go. You'd think they'd be fine with doing so; it would give them another extinct creature with which to bludgeon us heartless, habitat-destroying haters of wildlife.

  2. Let it never be said that Sahib and The Crew are anything but environmentally conscious. "You save the whales, you save the seals, you save whatever's cute and squeals..." ~Steve Taylor

  3. I'd like to organized a crow shoot in my hood. Also bunnies which are destroying my veggie garden. peaceLove

  4. I liked the idea that the mayor of Grand Island Nebraska had to deal with the Canadian Goose poop problem they had. He wanted to hunt them and feed them to the homeless. You should have heard the shrieks of outrage from the left.

  5. Why are CANADA Geese protected??? They are like politicians- There's like a bazillion of them crapping on everyone everywhere!!
    Mrs C