Friday, April 13, 2012

Secret Video of North Korean Missile Launch Released!

Lachrymosity Level Notification System
Uh oh folks, looks like the North Korean National Lachrymosity Level  has been raised to Lugubrious after this week's botched launch of the nation's latest "long-range" missile.  Despite Dear Leader 3's protestations that the launch was simply to put a communications satellite into orbit, SACSTW knows better.  The tiny tinpot was actually test firing a long range missile that could be used to deliver a nuclear warhead.

SACSTW operatives have just sent raw video footage of the launch to headquarters, take a look for yourselves......

Evidently the Pacific Rim is safe from North Korean nuclear missile attack for a little longer.  Meanwhile, the people of North Korea continue to starve.  Well done Kim3.

Note:  For more information on the North Korean National Lachrymosity Level system, please read Sahib's excellent treatise on the topic here.

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  1. Funny!! But NOT!! We need to get someone with some cojones to put that little pipsqueak where he belongs!!

    Mrs C