Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Noted climate expert Tim McCarver commented on the Fox Baseball Game of the Week that "climactic change" has caused the air to "become thinner", and has resulted in the great increase in home runs struck in major-league baseball.  Nice theory Tim, let's just forget the fact that the 4,552 home runs hit in 2011 were the lowest number since 1995.  Please just go back to butchering the English language during your broadcasts.  By the way, it's "climatic change".  Climactic change refers to a change in the process of  attaining a climax.  I think we can all agree that is something different.  
  • Sahib hit on something in his most excellent post Saturday, something that has been on my mind for some time now.  What would happen if we resurrected the old anti-drug slogan "Just Say No"?  No to the atheist/gay/greenbean/liberal/occupy/PETA/EPA/Homeowner Association/transgender/gun control types who want to control our lives based on the amount of perceived offense we cause them.  No to jumping through all the regulatory hoops, permits, licenses, yada yada yada like the trained sheep the government would like us to be.  No to mollycoddling every screaming brat who didn't get something he wanted (see below).  There is power in numbers folks, we must present a united front if we are to bring about change.  Let's start by saying "No".
  • An Oklahoma state trooper had an interesting day on Friday.  During a routine traffic stop, he noticed a pungent chemical smell in the vehicle.  When he asked the driver about it, the passenger in the vehicle bolted.  The trooper chased him down, and during the scuffle the man's meth lab exploded.  You know, the one he had hidden in his pants.  "Say, is that a meth lab in your pants, or are you just too tweaked to see me?"

Just Relax Honey.....
  • Ok folks, a little relationship advice from the Crew.  If your girlfriend is a dentist, and you dump her, probably not a good idea to let her around your mouth with pliers anymore.  Unfortunately for Marek Olszewski, he did not heed that sage advice.  Only a few days after breaking up with his dentist girlfriend Anna Mackowiak, Olszewski went to her for treatment of a toothache.  She sedated him, and EXTRACTED EVERY ONE OF HIS TEETH!  Same advice goes for those urologist/proctologist/neurosurgeon girlfriends too!
  • This month's issue of Imprimis from Hillsdale College arrived over the weekend.  The feature article is a fascinating look at "The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials".  Read it online here, and see photos of all the monuments mentioned here.  While you are at it, subscribe to Imprimis as well, it's free!
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