Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Survey Shows Obama is in Deep Doo Doo!

Straits are looking dire!

The SACSTW polling service has unearthed something remarkable.  The latest SACSTW "Are you really crazy enough to vote for Obama AGAIN?" Poll has yielded some startling results.  100% of previous Obama voters polled said they could see no way in which they would vote for Obama again.

I can already hear the howls from the left:  "What sample size did you use?  Were your questions biased to generate desired responses?  From what group/s of people did you select your sample?"

Come on moonbat lefties, give us a little more credit than that.  We are the people that invented a time machine, invented the Wombinator, started the WHAMO! movement, unearthed the Karl Rove/OWS conspiracy, and have obtained Obama's personal letters to Karl Marx.  I think we can fairly conduct a simple poll, but we will address those questions:

The sample size was three, the sample was chosen from people I know, and I only asked one question.  "Are you really crazy enough to vote for Obama again?"  I can even hear rumblings from some of our devoted readers... "Going out on a limb a little bit.  Aren't you Sahib?"  Ordinarily, I would agree, but the demographics of the three people polled casts, what I believe to be, a dark pall over Obama's re-election chances.

Here's the demographic info:
Race:  Caucasian
Gender:  2 female, 1 male
Age group:  40-55
Economic class:  Upper-middle class
Geographic region:  Midwest
Political affiliation:  Democrat
Political philosophy:  Liberal

One could argue that a few white, upper-middle class people from the mid-west not voting for Obama does not necessarily foretell ominous tidings for Obama.  Even if they classify themselves as liberal Democrats.  It's when we start digging into the details of these people that things for Dear Leader really start to look bleak.

None of these people have voted for a Republican presidential candidate.  EVER.  In fact the male poll participant went so far as to say that he thought Jimmy Carter got a bad rap and was one of the best presidents we've had.  One of these are people voted for Jimmy Carter.  TWICE!  They all voted for Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry.  Heck, if they were old enough, they probably would have all voted for McGovern.

These are the former Obama voters that our Dear Leader has lost.  I don't care how you want to spin it.  When you lose people like these as your supporters, you are in serious trouble. When a guy that claims Jimmy Carter was one of best president's ever says, "I just can't vote for him again.  As much as I hate to say it, I would vote for Newt Gingrich before I would vote for Obama again", things are potentially looking very bad for President Obama. (excuse me while a shed a little tear)

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