Friday, April 13, 2012

PLEASE! Save the Children! Buy a Wombinator!

Thudguard Brainbucket I

Raising Mush-Brained Wusses: Redux

The world is a big scary place!  Children should be protected from all environmental hazards as well as from themselves.  

We thought there was a company out there that realizes that 42 point harness safety seats, outlet covers, child gates, corner bumpers, drawer locks, cabinet locks, oven locks, and refrigerator locks are NOT enough to keep our cherubic spawn safe.

We thought we had a savior. Paladin of child safety, Thudguard (yes, Thudguard), now brings us the Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet.

But when we read the reviews for the Brainbucket I, our hopes were dashed.  This was what we learned (actual review from Amazon):

"Unfortunately, this helmet only protects the top and sides of the head. The face isn't properly shielded. We've tried incorporating a visor made of high-impact polycarbonate (available for industrial workers in various sizes) but the straps of the visor interfere with the helmet itself. Swim goggles are easier to incorporate, but leave the nose and mouth exposed. (The smallest-size motorcycle helmets are still too large and too heavy. We've tried them.) The rest of the child's body is also a problem. I know this helmet isn't trying to address this, but it's worth noting that this is only one part of a full protection approach. Our system of pillows, towels and duct tape works pretty well, but is too warm in hot weather. I'd love to see a full-body suit that breathes."
The Crew and I immediately understood the issues that the reviewer raised.  Who knows when your little darling might crawl across the plate at a major league baseball game just as the pitcher is ready to uncork a 95 MPH fastball?  Or maybe one of your older children brings home the new Ebola virus strain they developed in biology class and accidentally drops the Petri dish in your baby's crib.   Let not your hearts be troubled dear readers!  SACSTW engineers are on the job.

Sahib and The Crew are proud to announce the SACSTW Wombinator I.  The Wombinator I is a bullet-proof, air-tight, Lucite box.  The Wombinator I is aerodynamically designed to withstand a Category 3 hurricane or an F4 tornado.  It's amphibious too!  The box is mounted on ultra-slow-moving tank tracks similar to those used to move the space shuttle to the launch pad.  On top of the box is a state-of-the-art, CDC approved, Level 5 Bio-hazard air-filtration system.  But WAIT, you might say... "what if my little angel rams his fragile noggin against the sides of the box? My infant might be capable of generating crawling speeds up to 1 MPH in the box." The SACSTW R&D department is way ahead of you.  The air-handling system also provides a pressurized buffer of air to prevent your child from contacting the sides of the box thus eliminating the possibility of nasty head-on collisions.  The pressurized buffer also acts as the steering mechanism.  As your infant contacts the buffer, the box moves in that direction.  Below is a picture of the Wombinator I. 

 SACSTW Wombinator I

And soon to be released by SACSTW Labs, the Wombinator Mark V Family edition.  Built to accommodate a family of six, the Wombinator Mark V will come with 30 mm cannon gun mounts** and optional radiation blast shielding.

For those of you who don't really LOVE your children, I guess you could go with the Thudguard products.  In addition to the Brainbucket I for you avant-garde interior decorators out there who have broken glass floor coverings, Thudguard also offers baby knee pads.

The important thing for all parents to remember is that we need to teach our children that they are NOT responsible for their own bad decisions.  Their problems and failures are ALWAYS someone else's fault.

Have a great weekend everyone!

** 30 mm cannons sold separately.  Purchase requests should be submitted to Eric Holder at the Department of Justice.  Make sure the shipping address is labeled "in care of" the Cali cartel.

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  1. I want to place an order for the WMV!!!! But I have some questions first!
    1)How do we get in and out? Or do we get in and stay in?
    2)How do we keep from bringing bacteria and viruses in with us?
    3) What is the cost?
    Ummm.... never mind on cost!! What ever it costs it's worth it to SAVE my family!!!

    Mrs. C