Friday, April 6, 2012

Hollywood HOs: Keith Olbermann

Congratulations Hollywood HOS winner Keith Olbermann!

I know Keith Olbermann winning this week's Hollywood HOs (Hollywood Hall of Shame) award is a bit of a stretch.  Not that he isn't deserving, but it is a bit of a stretch that he is part of Hollywood. Ostensibly, he is (or was) a news person.  That being said, Keith hasn't been anything but a left-wing shill for quite some time, so we'll lump him in with the rest of the moonbat liberal entertainment industry.

Last week, Keith Olbermann was fired from Current TV.  The Current TV network is the brain-child of save-the-world-by-lining-my-pockets-with-green evangelist Al Gore.  It is breathtaking to imagine how insufferable Keith Olbermann must be to get fired by a group of people whose ideology and moral compass he shares.  He IS the Billy Martin of broadcasting.

Keith, here's a saying that you might want to consider:  If one person says you're an ass, you may or may not be an ass.  If everyone says you're an ass, it's time to take a hard look in the mirror.

Treating people like garbage will always cost you.  Talent will only get you so far.  Talent, hard work, and treating people with kindness and respect will perpetuate success.  Even if personal warmth and interaction do not penetrate the BB that is your heart, I would think that someone with your "massive" intellect would realize that treating people well is an excellent means to an end.

Of course Keith, you are so brilliant that nothing you have ever done, said, or thought can possibly be wrong.  Good luck in your next gig!  I hear there's a public access channel in Missoula, Montana looking for talent.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!


  1. Sahib-I am not sure "talent" is the right word here! Though I did used to enjoy him years ago on ESPN!!
    Mrs. C

  2. Vitriolic is the word that always comes to mind when I think of him.