Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Indiana Parents Proven Able To See Into Future!

The scene is a Bloomington, IN bar.  A 24 year old woman on the dance floor accidentally bumps into a 30 year old woman.  The 30 year old woman, Ms. Silas, is pictured here.  Her cheerful countenance and orange outfit should be a clue that this scene ended badly.  Yep, Ms. Silas allegedly responded to being bumped by attempting to bash in the other woman's head with a bar glass.

Ms. Silas has been booked into the Monroe County jail on a Class C felony batter charge.  She appears to be quite an asset to society, having previously faced charges including forgery, theft, fraud, and disorderly conduct.

But wait Crew you say, what in the world does this story have to do with someone being able to see into the future?  Well, Nostradamus has nothing on Ms. Silas's momma.  She presciently named her little darling Fellony.  Fellony Silas.  Momma Silas should have stuck with her first choice of names for her little cherub..... Miss DeMeanor.

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