Friday, May 18, 2012

Hollywood HOs Winner: Sarah Silverman Edges John (t)Ravolta

Hollywood HOs
Deciding this week's Hollywood HOs winner was exceedingly difficult.  I spent countless seconds trying to decide between John (t)Ravolta and Sarah Silverman.  It came down to the fact that propriety and decorum prevent me from writing any of my thoughts about the plethora of John (t)Ravota stories on a family friendly blog.

So without further adieu, this week's Hollywood HOs winner is the ever-classy Sarah Silverman.

Such a classy lady!
I know Ms. Silverman is a D-lister at best, but her tweet about the Tea Party could not go unrewarded. She had this to say:
"The Tea Party is just a (female pubic) hair away from being the Westboro Baptist Church ~ Maya Angelou"
For those of you unfamiliar with the Westboro Baptist Church, it is the church in Topeka, Kansas founded by Fred Phelps that protests fallen servicemen's funerals with protest signs that are beyond vile.  When judgement day arrives, Fred Phelps is in for a very rude awakening. What Maya Angelou has to do with Ms. Silverman's tweet, only her fevered brain could say.

Thank you Ms. Silverman for keeping up the proud tradition of venomous hatred perpetrated by previous Hollywood HOs winners Ellen Barkin, Jane Fonda, and Cher.

OK.  I can't resist.  Just one John (t)Ravolta joke:  "I guess Sandy's leather pants were just too tight so Danny had to settle for Kenickie's."  Mom, please forgive me.

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