Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

The good news is that it is time for another edition of Monday Musings!

  • A man in an Idaho Wal-Mart picked up what he thought was a stick in the garden department.  The stick turned out to be a rattlesnake that delivered a severe bite to his hand, necessitating a trip to the ER and 6 bags of anti-venin.  Perhaps 47 year old Mica Craig should have been in the optometry department instead of lawn and garden if he mistook a rattlesnake for a "stick".  By the way, I didn't know they had rattlesnakes in China.
  • Speaking of snake-handling, the PA announcer for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder was removed from his job last week.  Jim Miller was arrested Thursday on charges that he forced 3 children to watch him masturbate.  Looks like Jerry Sandusky has some company in the Sports Creep Hall of Fame.  
Very Fabulous Barry!
  • Does anyone remember when Time and Newsweek were respected outlets for reportage and analysis of important world news?  Yeah, me neither.  In a desperate attempt to outdo Time's lactating hottie cover, Newsweek has breathlessly proclaimed Barack Obama to be "The First Gay President".  Not sure how that is going to play back at the madrassah, but the rainbow halo was a nice touch.
  • In a Mother's Day interview with, Rev. Al Sharpton related stories of his mother Ada.  In part, the good Rev. said that his mom "believed in me when it didn't make sense".  Huh.  I must have missed that 37 seconds of time when it did make sense to believe in Al Sharpton.  Seriously, this may be the guy that gets my goat more than any other.  A posturing, prevaricating race-baiter extraordinaire, Al Sharpton represents everything that is wrong with the left.  How he went from Tawana Brawley to a supposedly respected voice of the black liberal establishment is astonishing.  Please read this if you are wondering who Tawana Brawley is.
  • Lisa Marie Presley has a new album out, Storm and Grace.  Elvis's daughter says this album "is more me".  Check please!
Duck in the Blues Brothers era..
  • Finally today....more sad news from the world of music.  Donald "Duck" Dunn passed away in his sleep after performing in Japan over the weekend.  Dunn was 70 years old.  One of the greatest bass guitarists of all time,  Dunn was best known to the general public as a member of The Blues Brothers band.  


  1. The funny thing is that if WE had mocked up that Newsweek cover, we would have been labeled racists and homophobes.

  2. I remember when "Gay" used to be a lovely name choice for a female baby. In fact, I have known at least 4 women w/ that name. Now we have a male president named Gay? What IS this country coming to?
    Carma (hope no one screws up my name, oh, wait...)