Monday, May 28, 2012

MSNBC: Fallen Soldiers are Not Heroes

UP with Chris Hayes Panel Argues Fallen Soldiers are not Heroes

Chris, I dare you and your pack of freaks to tell this woman this man wasn't a hero!
As The Crew is ensconced at the SACSTW hidden Ozark command bunker today, I am taking over for him and his Monday Musings.  I was planning on doing a nice Memorial Day piece.  But yesterday, I heard about some guy who does a show on MSNBC called "Up with Chris Hayes".  Chris and a pack of liberal loonies debated that fallen soldiers should not be classified as "heroes". Apparently, they feel that giving your life in defense of your nation and fellow citizens does not necessarily elevate you to hero status.  You can view the video clips on The Blaze story about this pack of left-wing ingrates here.

I guess the liberal definition of hero is reserved for people who "sacrifice" for a cause that liberals believe in.  Such heroic figures as Sandra Fluke, Al Sharpton, and our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama.  I dare Chris and his progressive buddies to tell the woman in the picture above that the man on whose grave she is mourning wasn't a hero.  Of course that would require the courage and guts to stand up for what you believe.  Something that Chris and his fellow wormy buddies in their nice safe television studio wouldn't understand.

The Crew and I would like to thank families of all the soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation and keep it free.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  We would also like to thank the soldiers currently putting themselves in harms way.  You are in our prayers as well.  I would like to personally thank the following parents whose boys I have had the honor to coach for their service: Chris D., Carla and David C., Phil V., Michelle and Steve E., Steve M., Scott H., Scott R., and Jason C.  It truly has been an honor to coach your sons.  Happy Memorial Day to you all.

Oh, and Mr. Hayes, I would like to give you a message from all these people:  "UP" yours.

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  1. Umm, I really don't know what to say, other than I have an overwhelming urge to punch each and every one of those despicable guttersnipes right in their filthy mouths. Better double the blood pressure medicine dose tonight. Unbelievable, just when you think the left can't burrow any lower......