Monday, May 21, 2012

NC Teacher: Don't You Dare Dis Chicago Jesus!

In another shining example of the quality of our public school systems, a teacher at North Rowan High School in Salisbury, North Carolina has declared it is OK to question Mitt Romney's past, but not Obama's.  The teacher was not named in the Salisbury Post article, but her opinions about the legalities of criticizing a sitting president should be enshrined in civics educational lore.  (Not to mention her take on the administration of Miranda rights or the lack thereof) You can listen to her dulcet voice and her political expertise in the video below:

With teachers like this wonderful woman, I'm amazed that the US hasn't rocketed to the number one ranking  in education world-wide.  But she shouldn't worry, if she loses her job in North Carolina, she can always find a job in the KCMO school district.


  1. I didn't know preventing slander of POTUS was in the social studies teacher oath.

  2. Very good Crew! You used the term slander correctly. What most people call slander is actually libel.