Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • My oldest son and I went down to the office of our county assessor last week.  I am transferring the title of a truck to him, and in order for him to license it he needed a personal property tax statement.  Since he is 20, and up to this point has owned no taxable personal property, I figured it would be a proverbial piece of baklava!  Wrongo bureaucracy breath!  What he needed is called a "Statement of Non-Assessment", basically a document stating he has had no personal property and owes no tax.  We walked up to the empty counter, and tremulously faced the 4 old crones sitting on stools on the other side.  When told what we needed, the hag-in-chief smirked and said we had to prove that we actually needed the document, we weren't just entitled to documentation proving he owed no tax.  I thought, "Hmmm, conservative blogger massacres 4 in assessor's office".  When we dutifully provided the "justification" for our request (the title of the vehicle), the sacred document was grudgingly supplied to us.  I said to my son as left the counter, "can't wait until she's in charge of my healthcare".  
Instead of 21 years, how about
21 seconds in front of a firing squad?
  • Say, how about that Norwegian justice system?  Anders Breivik received a 21 year sentence in an Oslo court last week.  Let's see, that works out to just under 100 days for each of the 77 people he murdered last year.  The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights calls the ridiculously lenient sentence "a triumph for human rights".  I sure am glad this country is not a path to become more like Europe.  
  • Remember going to those wild parties in your youth?  Somebody always got into a fight, and usually 3-4 other beer-soaked teenagers would join in.  A few bloody noses and scraped knuckles and you'd call it good, right?  Well, not if you are a follower of the religion of peace.  A party in Afghanistan (now there's a malaprop for ya!) was broken up by radical Islamic insurgents.  The night's festivities ended with the beheading of 17 party-goers.  Now I don't know about you, but that seems a tad drastic.
  • I saw this headline at"Grandmother gives birth to own grandson".  I quickly pulled up the article and was very disappointed to read that it had absolutely nothing to do with Morgan Freeman.  Just some Portland granny carrying her daughter's child through a surrogacy.  I still think Morgan had something to do with it.

  • It appears that the British royal family has patched things up as they have just released their new official portrait.......

  • Addendum:  After completing this post, I was reading a story about protesters at the Republican convention in Tampa.  One of the protesters is Cara Jennings, described as a "voter outreach organizer".  Here's a do you know if you are a complete and total wingnut with no redeeming societal value?  Answer:  When you have this sentence written about you in a major American newspaper....."Jennings, who wore a pink, neck to knees vagina outfit decorated with sparkles, said she was protesting the GOP's position on abortion rights."

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