Friday, August 24, 2012

Hollywood HOs Winner Waves his Royal Scepter

Hollywood HOs

The decision on this week's Hollywood HOs winner came down to two stories about stripping.  One sad, Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour De France titles, and one markedly funnier story.  I went with the funny one.  I know that technically his is not part of the Hollywood gliterati, but his picture has graced numerous entertainment magazines and shows.  In fact, his latest published pictures are all the rage.  Without further adieu, I would like to congratulate Prince Harry as this week's Hollywood HOs winner.

For anyone who has been living under a rock this week, Prince Harry was photographed "au naturale" with a similarly clad woman recently at a party in Las Vegas.

NOT the picture from Vegas

I would like to make it clear to our devoted readers that while not condoning Prince Harry's actions, his antics have not produced the loathing and disdain that I hold for the majority of Hollywood HOs winners. He won this week's award purely on the amusement that his story has provided me.

There is however; a silver lining for young Prince Harry over all of this.  His, shall we say, pictorial aura was so impressive that a representative for Chippendales in in Las Vegas has offered him a job as guest host.  The rep was quoted as saying, "We figured that since he seems to enjoy taking his clothes off in Las Vegas, why not do it on stage at the #1 Male Revue in the World."

I bet the queen is doing cartwheels.

**Editor's note**  The post title was a Crew original and not mine.  I loved it so much I had to use it.

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  1. I think Prince William and his lovely Duchess are probably embarrassed for him. They are trying so hard to bring some semblance of virtue and honor back to the Royal Family, and Harry goes and does this. Idiot.

    Regarding Lance Armstrong - he is not (yet) stripped of his Tour titles. The anti-doping agency's nearly 13-year long vendetta has brought him to the point of being unable to continue pounding his head against their brick walls, but they don't have the authority to take his titles. That will be up to the internat'l cycling federation.