Thursday, August 2, 2012

Holocaust: False Zionist Alleged Tragedy

This is why there will never be peace in the Middle East

Ziad Al-Bandak, the Palestinian president's adviser for religious affairs, places flowers at the Auschwitz death camp in Oswiecim, Poland, on July 27

Last week Ziad Al-Bandak, an adviser for religious affairs for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, visited Auschwitz and left flowers. To most sane people, this would seem to be an olive branch offered and a display that could signal a potential to compromise for the good of all concerned. But as ESPN College Game Day analyst Lee Corso is fond of saying:  "Not so fast my friend!"

According to a Reuters story on NBC News, Hamas spokesman Fozzy Bear, sorry Fawzi Barhoum had this to say:
Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum
"It was an unjustified and unhelpful visit that served only the Zionist occupation," and "a marketing of a false Zionist alleged tragedy." and that the visit came "at the expense of a real Palestinian tragedy."
I'm sure that 6 million murdered Jews would have loved to disagree with him. The real "Palestinian tragedy" Mr. Barhoum is that leaders like you continue to indoctrinate your people with messages of hate and blame as opposed to messages of peace and understanding.

I've said it before and I will say it again.  There will NEVER be peace in the Middle East until there is not a single Jew on a single square foot of land in the Holy Land.  Groups like Hamas and individuals like Mr. Barhoum continue to make my point.

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