Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Civil Discourse From The Obama-Biden Campaign

I thought I would check in with the Obama-Biden 2012 campaign today, just to see what sort of calm, reasoned, and civil discourse they were engaging in.  Vice-President Joe Biden was in Virginia where he said this about Romney and the Republicans to an audience containing numerous black Americans.......

I am really starting to get concerned.  I mean, how in the world am I going to accomplish all that is expected from a middle-aged white conservative man?  Just in the next few days I need to whack a couple grannies, steal food from the mouths of babes, molest a couple kids on an airplane (more about that tomorrow), and now I find out I have to chain up a bunch of blacks and ship'em back to the Congo.  Don't these people know I have a job?  What do they think I am, an Obama voter?

On a more serious note, Biden's comments today rank right up there with the most vile and repulsive things to spew forth from the Democrat campaign, and brother, that is saying something.  What has happened to my country?

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