Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Emanuel and Menino Win Silver Hen!

Press Release
from the United States Poultry Producer Association

Poultry Industry Men Of The Year Award
Mayor Emanuel practices making chicken shadows with his hand in
one of his more lucid moments

Menino celebrates upon learning of his Silver Hen Award

The glorious Silver Hen Trophy
The United States Poultry Producer Association is pleased to announce the co-winners of the coveted Silver Hen Award for 2012.  Given to the individual(s) who have done the most to promote and encourage the consumption of poultry, the 2012 Silver Hen award goes to Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, and Tom Menino, mayor of Boston.  

Recently, Dan Cathy, the president of ChickFilA expressed his support for "the biblical" definition of marriage and family.  Reacting with predictable outrage, Mssrs. Emanuel and Menino lashed out at the privately held company.  Emanuel was quoted as saying "ChickFilA values are not Chicago values", and Menino sent a missive to Mr. Cathy admonishing him and advising him there is no place in Boston for ChickFilA.

After news of these comments spread across the nation, supporters of ChickFilA and lovers of free speech, conservative values, and white meat struck back.  Designating today, August 1st, as "Support ChickFilA" day, they descended on the company's 1,608 stores in droves.  Across the country, long lines of American freedom lovers waited for up to 90 minutes to express their support for private business by sinking their teeth into a juicy chicken sandwich.  
Inside a mall in Kansas City


South Carolina traffic waiting to get to ChickFilA

Congratulations to Mayors Emanuel and Menino, for all their hard work and lunacy that resulted in the single greatest day in the history of the chicken sandwich!  


  1. Mrs. Sahib has won the Silver Hen lifetime achievement award for feeding us enough chicken that I think the boys and I might grow feathers.

  2. One of your best posts ever, Crew! Love it!

  3. Thanks Jill! Freedom tastes just like chicken!