Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicago: the New Beirut

Signs that the Chicago Gun Turn-In was not successful were evident over the weekend. In continuation of what can only be called an orgy of violence, nine people were murdered and 37 were injured in Chicago over the weekend. Unsurprisingly, Mayor Ramen Noodle Emanuel called for Illinois "to pass stronger gun laws in this state." Again unsurprisingly showing a total lack of knowledge (or being intentionally deceitful) about the Illinois gun laws he said, "We're not talking about repealing conceal/ carry, but making sure we have a tougher set of laws dealing with assault weapons and other types of guns."

 Uh Rahm, just an FYI... Illinois is the only state out of all 57 that specifically bans carrying concealed guns. I guess maybe he meant that they wouldn't change the law to lift the ban.

 Contrast that story with this one from Jacksonville, Florida. A 57 year old grandfather with a concealed carry permit shot a killed an armed robber at a Dollar General Store and drove off his accomplice.

 So lets do the math shall we? A city in a state with the country's most restrictive gun laws is experiencing uncontrolled violence and mayhem. How many more robberies do you think Jacksonville Dollar General Stores can expect in the near future? My guess is not many.

 Is Rahm's solution arming citizens so they protect themselves? Not exactly... "I'd like to remind everybody that it also requires a community to step up," Emanuel said Monday at an unrelated press conference. "You're not a snitch, you have a role in community policing."

 Yes devoted readers one of Obama's closest friends and former adviser's strategy is to rat out that gang-banger, dope-dealer, pimp that is shooting up your neighborhood. But don't you dare carry a concealed gun to protect yourself, or Chicago's finest will be coming after you.

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  1. LOL!! Those people just crack me up!! NOT!
    57 states does crack me up though!

    Mrs. C