Thursday, February 9, 2012

Young, Wild, and Naked: A Deadly Threat!

Hello devoted readers!  I know that you clicked on the link to this blog post to see naked, ax-wielding supermodels, or because you were thinking "What did Morgan Freeman do now?"  Here you go. Sort of...   (Sorry, this blog safe viewing for everyone but liberals.)
Beautiful and Deadly! (not)

Titillating and scary sells.  How else could we have such venerable Hollywood classics like "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers"?  So if I had titled this post "The Hidden Dangers of Federal Regulation", would you have clicked on it?  I know I wouldn't have.  It would have met with a yawn and a "Pass!"

Americans suck at evaluating risk.  You are three times more likely to die from tipping over a vending machine than from a shark attack, but I must have missed the "When Snacks Attack!" special on the Discovery channel during Vending Machine Week

Here is a picture of something a million times deadlier than the attractive young lady above.  If your children are near, shield their eyes.

Code of Federal Regulations Books:  Boring and Deadly (VERY)
New federal laws are the sexy ax-wielding Victoria's Secrets models riding a shark.  Federal regulation is the vending machine tipping over on you after you've had a heart attack from high blood pressure.  Let me illustrate with an example currently in the news.

There's a relatively new law of which you may have heard.  We lovingly refer to it as Obamacare.  It was the cause of much brouhaha and ballyhoo.  What you may not know is that it is packed with HIPAA regulations that will cost billions to implement.  These are not part of the obese monstrosity that is already the law.  These are "add-ons".  These regulations get ZERO press.  New regulations, departmental "guidelines", and level of enforcement are everything.  With the right regs and enforcement, you can make just about any law mean anything you want.

Recently however; the Obama administration has inexplicably tipped its hand.  Feeling 50 foot tall and bullet-proof because they hadn't been previously taken to task, they decided they were up to tangling with the Catholic Church.  Obamacare forces employer provided healthcare plans to include contraceptive coverage as part of those plans.  As per Obama administration instructions to HHS, the scope of religious exemptions is to be very narrow and enforcement to be vigilant.  Needless to say, Catholics around the country (including Obama supporters) are not amused.

The moral of this tale dear readers, is that elections matter.  Who the president is matters. Not in the sexy veto, state-of-the-union, commander-in-chief sort of way, but in the boring departmental and lower-court appointee way. Obama must go!  If Mr. BoTingles Chris Matthews thinks the president has gone to far, then WOW!

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  1. You got me Sahib! When I read "Young, Wild, and Naked...", I naturally thought you were finally getting around to writing your memoirs! Seriously, lots of stuff here to mull over. Chucking about half of those regs would be a good start.

  2. So, you had to throw Morgan Freeman in the mix... (thank you, I like it and I don't care if it was a coincidence) I don't mind the naked stuff, it did get me to click. Glad I did. Very only takes me 3-4 days to be this clever, so I have that going for me. :)

  3. Thanks Laurel! I know how much you love Morgan Freeman stuff. :) I was kind of surprised that no one complained about the title without reading the blog. We try and stay family friendly.