Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Question No Liberal Will Answer: How Much?

After a particularly invigorating evisceration of a liberal in the comment section of a news article, I was motivated to write this post.  The article was in today's Kansas City Star and was titled, "Families Tackle Food Stamp Challenge. Eating on $4.50 a Day".  My problem with the articled was that it was incredibly misleading as to the actual level of assistance received by food stamp recipients.  The actual amount is $4.50 per day per person.  For a family of six, that is $756.00 a month.  We don't spend half that monthly in my family and we do not qualify for free school lunches like all food stamp recipients would.

After bashing him about the head and shoulders for a round or two of comments, I cut to the chase and asked him:


How much of what I make should the government "allow" me to keep?  GIVE ME A NUMBER.  What percentage of what I earn should I be "allowed" to keep?

He accused me of changing the topic, so I answered all his questions and asked mine again.  He responded with: 
"I don't know what I think you should be 'allowed to keep'.  I'm not an economist, but I do know for a fact that of all the money you pay in taxes most of it doesn't pay for food stamps."
And there you have it devoted readers, the typical non-answer I get from liberals every time I ask that question and I've asked it dozens of times.  The next specific number I get will be the first.

You might ask, "But why of why will they not answer your question Sahib?  You are so soft-spoken and kind!"  Here it is.... The big liberal secret..... A liberal will NEVER.. EVER...  give you a number or percentage of your earnings you should be "allowed" to keep because....

They want to maintain the ability to always TAKE MORE.

That's their big secret.  Spread the word.  And if any of you reading are liberals, please feel free to shoot me a number.  There's always a first time for everything.


  1. Hmmm, soft spoken and kind... I am going to go process that!! :) Have a great weekend, guys. I am off to a 3 day swim meet with my daughter. It's kind of like your soccer tournaments.... long, long long but very fun.

  2. We all know the answer Sahib. You should be allowed to keep exactly 0% of your money. After all, the progressive statists are in much better position to properly use the fruits of your labor than are you.

  3. Maybe the covert goal of progressives is to drive the majority of us into slave labor. We all become subjects of the State. The model being the failed Soviet Union, or something along the lines of what is happening in Venezuela. BTW, great illustration above.

  4. They don't mention $4.50 /day/person! And they don't mention 3 meals a day at schools!!! They don't mention all the food pantries that are also giving out food! They don't mention section 8 housing-utility assistance and FREE PHONES (both cell and home!) Free medical-free internet-freefreefreefreefree!!! Except IT'S NOT FREE!! Someone is paying for it! Not only in taxes but also in the charities we give to! STOP THE INSANITY!!
    the MRS.

    Sorry! Sore subject with me!

  5. @Carma,
    It seems like the progressives are becoming more and more overt with their agenda. The election of Obama has emboldened them like never before. Can you imagine the carnage if he is re-elected? Be afraid, be very afraid.