Friday, February 24, 2012

Hollywood HOs: Rihanna and Chris Brown

Hollywood HOs

Following in the footsteps of shining examples Whitney and Bobby, Rihanna and Chris Brown (what is it with singers with the last name of brown?) are this week's Hollywood HOs winners.  Apparently, getting your face bashed in inspires you to hook up and work with the basher.  Not only are they supposedly back together on the sly (his current girlfriend is Karrueche Tran), but they have collaborated on a new song, "Birthday Cake (Remix)".  It's a charming little ditty with lyrics that would embarrass a sailor on shore leave.  I will not quote them, but you can find them here.  If you have forgotten what the gentleman caller did to his lovely lady, the pictures below can remind you.

                                 He did this....                                    To her...

Sources close to Rihanna and Chris Brown report that their next collaboration will be titled, "Battered Women (They Just Don't Listen!)".  No one but God knows the hearts of men.  Maybe Chris has changed his ways, but I have a bad feeling that this will not end well.

On a lighter note, we have a new Friday feature...  

News of the Funny and Bizarre:
Stories on the web that made me cringe or laugh this week.  With all the crap going on in the world, I hope this lightens you load just a little.

Isn't this just a normal weekend at Michael Moore's place?
This from the home of the Swedish Bikini Team?
                Bad                                 Good?

Another candidate from Chicago?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Well, the bottom line here is the age-old question....can breasts be TOO perky?

  2. In answer to the Crew-YES! Especially 50 year old ones!!

    the MRS