Friday, June 1, 2012

Hollywood HOs: 'Don't Want No Retard Baby' Margaret Cho

Hollywood HOs
Once again it was a dog-fight for this week's Hollywood HOs winner.  It was a battle of clueless versus vile and vile won out.  Kathie Lee Gifford was the runner-up with her interview of Martin Short where she commented on how great of a marriage they have and asked how long they've been married.  Martin Short's wife died of ovarian cancer in 2010.  As clueless and self-serving as Kathie Lee is, it wasn't malicious.  And we nominate Martin Short for Hollywood Hall of FAME for his classy handling of the issue.  He didn't bust her on live TV.  Being the evil person I am, I would have said: "You want to know our secret?  She never talks back."  I know it would have been WRONG, but that's just me.

Hollywood HOS Cho
But I digress.  Without further adieu, this week's winner is another classy lady in the proud tradition of previous Hollywood HOs Cher, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Roseanne Barr, and Sarah Silverman. Congratulations Margaret Cho!  She had these wonderfully sensitive things to say recently on Bravo:
“My period comes like twice a month. My eggs are jumping ship,” she said. “Seriously, they’re like, ‘the last one out’s a retard.”
“I get worried about that, as an older woman, I don’t necessarily want to have a retard,” she said.
You want your kid to have the best chance at life,” she added. “I’m trying [to get pregnant]. It’s hard for a lesbian.”
 And there you have it devoted readers, another one of those lovable "quirky" Hollywood types. And guess what boys and girls?  She's married.... to a straight guy...
 "It's not a traditional situation. It's not a committed marriage. We're just friends who share space. My parents don't understand it. They just send us Yahoo E-cards wishing us well." 
And she had this to say about voting rights for prisoners:
"It is tragic that people who are incarcerated are unable to vote. They are probably the most important voices to listen to because they can tell us what we need to change. Yet they are arbitrarily silenced, as if forfeiting their right to vote punishes them. In truth, it punishes the rest of us because it turns the right into a privilege. Whenever privilege is introduced, there are problems. We cannot afford any more problems." 
My goodness, where was she when I was single?  Have a great weekend everyone!

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