Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stupid Tax Payers! Your Debt is from Kids!

During my morning perusal of news headlines, this MSBNC article caught my attention:  “Another idea for student loan debt:  Make it go away.”  Devoted readers, before I shower you with editorial pearls of wisdom, I would like you to read the following section from the article:

It is not my responsibility to pay for your dream!
“The broad appeal of the movement was illustrated by one passer-by who stopped to listen to the discussion. ‘I married someone who had student loan debt, so by default that’s become part of my life now,’ said David Solomon, wearing a button-down shirt and rain coat. Solomon, a 27-year-old who works in tech support and lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, said he and his wife met at New York University where they both went for undergrad. His tuition was paid for, but his wife took out student loans to pay for school.  They currently pay about $400 a month in loan fees on her $150,000 in debut because they had worked out some deferments, but he said that will rise to approximately $1,100 a month by September 2012. ‘She had been interested in getting a house and we looked at the numbers,’ said Solomon. ‘But that’s just not going to happen — not anytime soon at least.’ Solomon indicated he wasn’t ready to take to the streets just yet, but he believes the “Occupy” protest has seized upon an issue that has not been taken seriously, despite the adverse impact it is having on so many lives.”

What a giant pile of excrement!  Let’s look at it shovel by shovel, or bad decision by bad decision.

Bad Decision #1 (Mr. Solomon):  You “CHOSE” to marry a girl that was $150,000 in debt!  Did you forget the whole for richer or poorer part?  I really hope she is cute.

Bad Decision #2 (Mrs. Solomon):  You “CHOSE” to go to NYU which you obviously could not afford.  You could have chosen Junior, State, or Beauty College.

Bad Decision #3 (Mrs. Solomon):  You “CHOSE” to finance the NYU education that you could not afford through student loans.

Bad Decision #4 (Mrs. Solomon):  You apparently “CHOSE” a major that would not afford you a career that would enable you to easily repay your student loans, or if you did, you “CHOSE” not to pursue that career.  (My money’s on Art History.)

One question:  WHY ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS COUPLE’S POOR DECISIONS?  Guess what?  I CHOOSE not to bail these people out.

“Oh but Sahib, you are being so heartless and cruel!”  GOOD!  It’s called tough love.  Maybe they will impart the lessons they learned on their mush-brained little darlings when they have them.

Of course if our Dear Leader has his way, we’ll just add these people to the leech gravy train.  The train is getting heavier and heavier and the mules are getting bled dry.

Editorial note: the MSNBC article was written by a Ms. Petra Cahill, Senior MSNBC News Editor.  Many potentially useful pieces of information were glaringly absent from her story.


  1. Mrs. Solomon sounds like an English Lit major to me. After all, we all know that the key to success in today's economy is a thorough understanding of Chaucer.

  2. Good one!! I want to know how it went from busting your butt working yourself through school-and taking out a smaller loan and busting your butt paying it back? I'm sick of hearing "I'm only a sophomore and I'm already in debt!" THAT"S HOW IT WORKS!!! UDA!!! It's the same if you buy a house or a car! You take out a loan and then you are in debt! Then you pay the loan back and you're not in debt!! UDA! Sorry about the language-but this is a sore subject for me!! I felt so happy the day I wrote that last check to pay off my student loan!! I will have a party in 5 years when I pay off my house loan! Unless, of course, Our GREAT LEADER decides to forgive my house loan too! Right! Like that's gonna happen!! You see I made some mistakes too! I took out a 30 year variable interest loan! I was unemployed for 3 months-and I made damn sure the house payment got paid!! I didn't go out to eat-turned off the cable and didn't turn on the heat!! I suffered through it!! and in 56 months it will be all MINE!! And I'm dang proud of it!!!

  3. Unfortunately, we are fostering a nation "you owe me". "Ask not what your country can do for you"? These OWS people do nothing but ask the country to "do for them".