Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Ohio Protesters: Take Cover!

PRESS RELEASE - Dateline:  Zanesville, Ohio
Warning to all Occupy Ohio (or OOPs) protesters!  Take cover immediately!  Police in Zanesville, Ohio have been ordered to "shoot to kill" dozens of escaped wild animals.  With tensions running high, the following images demonstrate the difficulty Zaneville police will face:

Which is is which?  I have difficulty telling myself.

There are a couple of tips that might help the police. Muskingum county Sheriff Matt Lutz described the escaped animals as "mature, very big and aggressive." Rarely, have Occupato Mafia protesters been described as "mature". It has also been reported that the personal hygiene of the escaped animals is "far superior" to that of your average OWS protester. 

Regardless, Occupy Ohio protesters are in grave danger. Please take cover immediately!

 (Who says conservatives aren't compassionate?)

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